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GS1 US - Global Language of Business®

GS1 US serves more than 2 million businesses in 25 industries in the United States by facilitating industry initiatives, administrating the GS1 System of standards, providing education and support, and connecting communities through events and online forums. 

We bring together communities of stakeholders to facilitate the sharing of business problems and the creation of supply chain standards.

We are guided by the communities we serve. We are user-driven and user-governed.

We engage industries to encourage understanding, widespread adoption, and strategic usage of standards.

We enable the development and implementation of industry and company-level solutions that leverage global GS1 Standards to optimize business processes.

We are neutral and not-for-profit. We succeed when industries and companies derive value from using our standards.

We believe in the power of GS1 Standards to generate supply chain visibility, efficiency, safety, and collaboration.

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