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GS1 US Celebrates 40 Years

GS1 US celebrates 40 years of the barcode and adoption of global standards

In 1973, industry leaders came together to select a single standard for product identification - the barcode. What started as a way to speed grocery store checkout has become the global language of business - a common way for trading partners around the world to identify, capture, and share information about products, locations, and more in real-time. Now, more than five billion GS1 barcodes are scanned every day.

Today, GS1 US is helping diverse industries drive efficiency, safety, and growth through the adoption and use of standards. GS1 Standards have grown into a global system, used by more than two million companies doing business in 150 countries across 25 industries, including apparel and general merchandise, fresh foods, consumer packaged goods, grocery, foodservice, healthcare, and defense.

Case Studies

  • Maidenform
    Global apparel manufacturer adopts EPC®-enabled RFID item-level tagging to meet trading partner needs and improve efficiency. Download >
  • JemD Farms
    Greenhouse grower leads the way with GS1 Standards and the Produce Traceability Initiative to achieve whole chain traceability. Download >
  • Tracing Grapes from Chilean Field to U.S. Grocery
    Pilot Team evaluates whole chain traceability of imported table grapes. Download >
  • The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)
    Better Immunization Management for Patient Safety. Download >
  • BD and Mercy/ROi
    Achieve far-reaching GS1 Standards integration.
    Download >

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