I'm Interested in EPC-enabled RFID

Retailers and brand owners are turning to Electronic Product Code (EPC®)-enabled Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology to help them quickly and accurately identify, capture and share product information and location data. EPC-enabled RFID is the foundation for actionable intelligence—if you can’t “see” something, you can’t measure it—and if you can’t measure it, you can’t control it—and if you can’t control it then it’s probably costing your business too much.

EPC-enabled RFID adoption is exploding because its benefits have already been proven in the real world, it:

  • Raises inventory accuracy from an average of 63% to 95% 
  • Increases inventory count rates from 200 to 12,000+ items per hour 
  • Cuts out-of-stocks (OOS) at retail by up to 50% 
  • Increases item availability to boost sales from 2% to 20% 
  • Improves inventory labor productivity by 96% 
  • Reduces cycle count time by 96% 
  • Lowers inventory risks and costs 
  • Enables electronic proof of delivery

    Source: University of Arkansas RFID Research Center Studies

Having a unique EPC for each product instance gives your business to key information as that moves along the supply chain; the specific instance (serial number) of a product allows you to: 

  • Trace history of a product as it moves through supply chain 
  • Measure transit time from the factory to the store sales floor 
  • Know when a specific lot has reached the store 
  • Know if exactly if the same products you shipped were actually received 
  • Learn how retailers cycle inventory 
  • Ensure that every single recalled product is returned 
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