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We help improve product information, increase business efficiencies, enhance product safety, and much more. We engage with multiple industries through industry-driven initiatives and readiness programs. Learn more about the work GS1 US is involved with in your industry.

Apparel/General Merchandise

The apparel and general merchandise industries are most concerned with improving inventory accuracy and speed-to-market capabilities to satisfy consumer demands, while still addressing expectations around business process efficiencies and product safety. The GS1 US Apparel and General Merchandise Initiative is driving change by bringing industry leaders together to identify industry challenges and solutions to address them. Learn more>

Retail Grocery

The GS1 US Retail Grocery Initiative is a voluntary collaborative industry effort seeking to address current industry challenges to further improve product information and images, supply chain visibility, and operational efficiencies. This structured Initiative for retail grocery aims to enable stakeholders to focus on the most important industry problems, streamline resources, and drive adoption and implementation of the industry-defined solutions leveraging GS1 Standards.
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The Foodservice GS1 US Standards Initiative is a voluntary, collaborative industry effort driving the adoption of GS1 Standards in foodservice to improve product information, supply chain efficiency, and food safety. Education, guidelines, and workgroups for the foodservice industry are available to help you with your implementation. Learn more >

Fresh Foods

GS1 US helps fresh foods companies to enhance product traceability and safety while also improving business processes along the supply chain. Learn about category-specific work underway in dairy, deli, and bakery, meat and poultry, produce and seafood industry segments and find the education, tools and resources necessary to get started with or to enhance your implementation efforts. Learn more >


GS1 Healthcare US is an industry-wide initiative driving the adoption of GS1 Standards in U.S. healthcare to improve patient safety and supply chain efficiency.. The healthcare industry is also leveraging GS1 Standards to support pending DSCA regulatory requirements for FDA Unique Device Identification (UDI) and federal/state pharmaceutical traceability initiatives. Education, guidelines, and workgroups for the healthcare industry are available to help you with your implementation. Learn more >