The GS1 US CPFR Training Program

To enable participants to structure their learning path according to their business needs the GS1 US Collaborative Planning, Forecasting, and Replenishment (CPFR®) Training Program offers both self-directed web-based trainings and customized on-site education.

Web-based Training:

These self-directed trainings include integrated learnings, best practices, standards knowledge and technical know-how to introduce you to the basic concepts of CPFR and CPFR 2.0.

Introduction to CPFR: This course is designed to introduce you to the high-level concepts of CPFR. It demonstrates the benefits and synergy of CPFR with other company initiatives such as Category Management and Sales and Operating Planning (S&OP). Whether you are a CPFR Practitioner or just wanting to learn more about CPFR, this course is for you.

Introduction to CPFR 2.0: Collaboration has moved to center stage as companies realize that profitable growth demands effectively leveraging the combined strength of your organization and your trading partner network. The emergence and convergence of technology, in tandem with new consumer models, dictates that we must prepare for change. Consumers have changed how they buy and we must change how we forecast and meet their expectations. With the changing industry, CPFR 2.0 has been designed to help companies leverage the power of collaboration for sustainable and profitable growth. The new model recognizes and leverages the potential of collaboration designed to address the challenges facing companies today. This course introduces CPFR 2.0 and features more effective models of collaboration and cooperation across the supply chain. It will help you understand how to:

  • More accurately forecast and anticipate disruptions
  • Impact and influence of Social Media on demand forecasting and across the supply chain
  • Make collaboration part of your culture
  • Develop and deploy performance metrics that reward the right behaviors
  • Synchronize CPFR with sales, marketing and operations planning

Watch the webcast and download the CPFR 2.0 Overview

Customized On-site Education:

GS1 US can also customize an on-site educational program that best fits the needs of your business and schedule, please contact us at for information.