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Tools & Resources

The GS1 US Apparel and General Merchandise Initiative takes responsibility for supporting the Retail industry in developing best practices and guidelines for implementing GS1 Standards. Use our comprehensive library of resources to jump-start your organization’s efforts or make more efficient progress.

GS1 US Advisory Services
With a special mix of technical and business expertise, we can provide your organization with a variety of tailored services to address specific challenges your organization may face in integrating the GS1 System of Standards into your operations.

Implementation Tools, Guidelines & Resources
GS1 US Apparel and General Merchandise Initiative Workgroups are made up of Industry stakeholders, who collaboratively work together to develop standards-based guidelines, best practices, case studies, and alignment on future opportunities for unlocking further value from the use of GS1 Standards. To view a specific guideline, implementation tool, or resource please select the applicable area of interest:

Case Studies and White Papers
Read how Retail trading partner are successfully implementing GS1 Standards and take away best practices to achieve the same benefits for your organization.

Videos and Demos
See GS1 Standards in Action, RFID Basics, and EPC-enabled item level RFID at Work. View how GS1 Standards are the foundational to helping deliver a Seamless Customer Experience.

Standards in Action
Learn how the GS1 Systems of Standards provides a “common language” that allows companies and their trading partners to identify items at any point along the supply chain. Highlighted here you will find key GS1 Standards and GS1 System Data Carriers for the Apparel and General Merchandise Industries.

Discover the market trends and benefits the Apparel and General Merchandise Industries are realizing by using EPC-enabled item level RFID technology—to deliver exceptional omni-channel shopping experiences.

EPC Encoder/Decoder
A Gen 2 RFID tag holds a variety of data in its four memory banks, encoded into a highly compact binary form. This interactive application translates between different forms of the Electronic Product Code (EPC®), following the EPC Tag Data Standard 1.9. You may enter data in any box, and the other boxes will automatically update to show the translation. Translate between different forms
of the EPC.

GS1 US Solution Providers Finder for the Retail Sector
Looking for suppliers of products, solutions and services to help you implement GS1 Standards in the Retail Sector, check out the GS1 US Solution Provider Finder.

The GS1 US Simple Product Listing™ Standard 
Simplifies the setup, sharing, and usability of trusted product information across digital and physical commerce channels.

The GS1 US Attribute Explorer 
An intuitive, browser-based product information search and discovery tool. It helps enable partners to search, discover, and deliver the accurate, complete, and authentic product information required to optimize their supply chain business processes, drive consumer interest, and influence purchase decisions.

The GS1 US Get Started Roadmap 
Our new roadmap is the place to get started if you want to sell your product in stores or online. And if you’re already selling your products, the roadmap offers other opportunities to expand your use of GS1 Standards.