Hardlines Resources

Automated business processes and electronic communications are quickly replacing manual paper procedures—including new item introduction—at many Hardlines’ retailers. Industry trading partners have embraced the GS1 Global Data Synchronization Network™ (GDSN®) to streamline item setup and maintenance, lower supply chain costs, reduce human error and improve data accuracy.

The industry is working collaboratively to promote broader adoption of the GS1 System of Standards. Collaborative commerce enables retailers, suppliers, distributors and brand owners to share information with one another in a standard business language; bringing visibility, security and sustainability to the supply chain.

Get Started with GS1 System of Standards

These GS1 US Hardlines resources were developed to help companies automate supply chain processes, reduce costs, optimize business processes efficiencies and improve data accuracy:

Education, Training and Customized Services

  • GS1 US University - On-demand educational videos, training modules, webinars and classroom learning, certificate courses and implementation workshops 
  • GS1 US Advisory Services - Customized support with a combination of technical and business expertise to address specific challenges you may face in integrating GS1 Standards into your operations
  • Barcode Verification Services - Verify your product barcodes (to ensure that they scan the first time) with GS1 US. Our tests determine if your barcodes comply with GS1 Standards, and check each barcode symbol on a variety of point-of-sale scanners
  • Product Measurement Services - These services are designed to support your data accuracy program. Accurate data is an essential component of a visible, secure, and sustainable value chain; GS1 US offers products and services to help you ensure that your GDSN dimensional data is precise and GS1 Standards-compliant 
  • Data Governance Assessment, Guidance and Training via the GS1 US National Data Quality Program

Help Shape the Future of the Retail Industry and Its Supply Chain

The best way to continue your education and community engagement is by staying involved. GS1 US welcomes any organization that wants to be involved in the GS1 US Apparel and General Merchandise Initiative. Our members include more than 120 industry-leading retailers, suppliers, manufacturers, brand owners, and solution providers as well as industry associations and academia. Together they work to provide industry leadership by defining recommended solutions for critical business needs and business process improvements. Learn more.