Infographic: GS1 US Standards (RFID) Usage Survey: GS1 US Survey Shows Manufacturers and Retailers Embrace RFID to Enhance Inventory Visibility. Apparel and general merchandise trading partners are using EPC-enabled item level RFID to enhance inventory visibility and respond to consumer demands for omni-channel options.
 Infographic: EPC-enabled RFID Delivering the Omni-Channel Experience – As omni-channel increasingly defines the future of retail, businesses are finding they must adopt new standards and technologies or risk losing sales, their stores, and their customers. EPC-enabled RFID helps deliver the omni-channel experience by taking item identification a step further—connecting the digital and physical worlds that consumers continue to straddle in their browsing and shopping experiences.

Auburn University RFID Research
Thanks to funding provided in part by GS1 US, researchers at the Auburn University RFID Research Center Lab are studying the benefits of using EPC-enabled RFID technology in the Apparel Industry. Researchers are quantifying the effects of EPC-based tracking on improving inventory accuracy, traceability, productivity, costs and revenues.

  • Access Auburn University’s library of research papers to learn the benefits of leveraging RFID to enable the omni-channel consumer experience.
  • Case Study: Auburn University’s EPC-enabled Item Level RFID Research Results - Retailers and brand owners are increasingly turning to EPC-enabled item level RFID technology to deliver exceptional omni-channel shopping experiences. Through its series of retail studies, Auburn University’s RFID Lab team has uncovered and quantified a host of business benefits—upstream and downstream—that EPC-enabled RFID provides for retailers, brand owners and other supply chain trading partners.
 Capgemini Omni-Channel Retail Study
A View from Retail Leaders on the Industry Imperatives and Needed Standards ~ How to Create an Always-On, Always-Open Shopping Experience. This report reveals the critical imperatives for omni-channel retail strategy adoption.
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