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Meat and Poultry

Working towards improved supply chain visibility

Food safety, product tracing, and product recalls are among the top challenges for the fresh foods supply chain. GS1 US offers standards and solutions to enhance current business processes to address these challenges.

Meat and Poultry guidelines

As of January 2014, the industry group known as the Meat and Poultry B2B Data Standards Organization (mpXML) transitioned all activities and relevant oversight to GS1 US. Guidelines originally developed by mpXML for the use of GS1 Standards that support ecommerce across all segments of the meat and poultry supply chain are now available below. For more information on the history of mpXML, click here.

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To promote broader standards adoption, companies doing business in the meat and poultry industry are encouraged to adopt the following guidance:

GS1 DataBar™ for Fresh Food Categories

GS1 US recommends that retailers selling fresh foods implement point-of-sale hardware and software systems to scan and process GS1 DataBar barcodes and 14-digit Global Trade Item Numbers.

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Learn more

The following GS1 US programs, educational materials, and events help companies in the meat and poultry industry learn more and implement GS1 Standards: