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Helping the seafood sector address efficiency and food safety

GS1 US offers standards and solutions to enhance companies’ current business processes to address food safety, product tracing, and product recalls. In addition, GS1 US helps the seafood community assess and address inefficient business processes in order to enhance operations across the supply chain. Companies doing business in the seafood industry are encouraged to adopt the following guidance:

Seafood Traceability Implementation Guide

Developed by the National Fisheries Institute (NFI), GS1 US, and U.S. seafood industry stakeholders, the U.S. Seafood Traceability Implementation Guide provides practical guidance for industry-wide seafood traceability. Highlights include:

  • Voluntary minimum requirements and best practices to share information among seafood distribution channel participants
  • Global Trade Item Number® (unique identification) assignment rules, use of batch/lot numbers and the potential for case serial numbers, and data encoding and capture recommendations
  • Traceability principles across the product hierarchy
  • Best practices for maintaining traceability throughout the seafood supply chain
  • Seafood industry recalls, including definitions, principles, and recall steps

Learn more

The following GS1 US programs, educational materials and events help companies in the seafood sector learn more and implement GS1 Standards: