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Fresh foods companies are focused on improving their business processes in the areas of product identification, data transport through electronic data interchange (EDI) and ecommerce applications, and the utilization of emerging technologies like GS1 DataBar barcodes and RFID to realize efficiency benefits. To that end, the following tools and resources are available to help you establish these transformations in your business.

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GS1 US Tools/Industry Tools

  • GS1 US Data Hub | Product is an essential online tool for small and mid-sized businesses, that takes the guesswork out of creating product identifiers and barcodes that helps them avoid costly mistakes and be competitive.
  • Rapid Recall Express is a fillable standardized form that applies industry expertise and best practices to recall and withdrawal notifications. It’s free and available to all companies for use in the event of a product recall or withdrawal, making it easy to communicate directly to trading partners of your choosing. and suppliers.
  • PMA DataBar Online E-Learning provides an overview of the DataBar Online tool and illustrates how to use the basic steps
  • The GS1 US Simple Product Listing™ Standard simplifies the setup, sharing, and usability of trusted product information across digital and physical commerce channels.
  • The GS1 US Attribute Explorer is an intuitive, browser-based product information search and discovery tool. It helps enable partners to search, discover, and deliver the accurate, complete, and authentic product information required to optimize their supply chain business processes, drive consumer interest, and influence purchase decisions.