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GS1 Healthcare US® Initiative

Partnering with industry stakeholders to support adoption of standards, improve patient safety,
and supply chain efficiency

GS1 Healthcare US is an industry group that is driving forward open, global standards to help healthcare companies improve the accuracy, speed, and efficiency of the supply chain and care delivery.

Through the collaboration and cooperation of companies and organizations throughout the healthcare supply chain, GS1 Healthcare US is making it possible for healthcare to move toward adopting GS1 Standards for identifying, capturing, and sharing data as the foundation for improved business and care delivery processes.

Join GS1 Healthcare US

GS1 Healthcare US brings together members from all segments of the healthcare industry to address the supply chain issues that most impact healthcare in the United States. Join our growing membership! To become a member, please click here.

Community Groups, Workgroups, and Task Forces

As a member of GS1 Healthcare US, you will play an active role in driving adoption and use of GS1 Standards in the U.S. by working with other industry members through community groups, workgroups, and task groups to improve patient safety and supply chain efficiency.

GS1 Healthcare US Community Groups

The GS1 Healthcare US Community Groups provide a member-only forum to facilitate standards-related discussions for the healthcare provider, medical device, and pharmaceutical communities. These focused monthly meetings address the impact of standards on specific communities, business practices, legislation or regulation, and opportunities for standards usage. The Community Group meetings also include updates on standards development progress and workgroup/task force activities.

Select the Community Group(s) that cover key topics to support your organization’s standards adoption strategy:

  • Healthcare Provider Community Group
    Participants include healthcare providers.
  • Medical Device Community Group
    Participants include companies and healthcare providers who are in the medical device supply chain or support them via products and services.
  • Pharmaceutical Community Group
    Participants include companies and healthcare providers who are in the pharmaceutical supply chain or support them via products and services.

GS1 Healthcare US Workgroups and Task Forces

Members may also participate in our targeted workgroups and task forces to develop implementation guidelines, business cases, roadmaps, best practice guides, and education to enable industry wide adoption. GS1 Healthcare US Workgroups and Task Forces are currently addressing the use of GS1 Standards to support patient safety processes, healthcare business transactions, pharmaceutical traceability, and pending regulatory requirements for medical devices and pharmaceuticals.

Get Involved with 2015 Readiness Efforts

Preparing for Serialization and Visibility within the U.S. Pharmaceutical Supply Chain

GS1 Healthcare US helps members of the U.S. pharmaceutical industry prepare for 2015 state drug pedigree regulations by providing education, tools and resources, as well as industry forums to enable efficient product serialization and supply chain visibility.

Join the Secure Supply Chain Task Force
Join members from across the U.S. pharmaceutical supply chain to identify industry-wide implementation needs, enabling efficient product serialization and visibility using GS1 Standards. This is a unique opportunity to prepare your organization, gain insights into the benefits of supply chain visibility, monitor ongoing developments and drive industry practices. To participate in the Task Force, contact