GS1 Standards in Healthcare

GS1 Standards in Healthcare

Leveraging our track record in data standards to improve healthcare accuracy and efficiency

For more than 35 years, the GS1 System of global supply chain data standards has revolutionized efficiency, accuracy and cost-effectiveness in a broad range of industries. Recognizing the impact that industry-wide adoption of a common language can have, GS1 Healthcare US has set out to apply these same standards to helping the healthcare industry improve efficiency and quality for lower costs, more streamlined care delivery and better patient safety.

Global Location Number (GLN): Location Identification

This number is an industry-wide, standardized location identifier that replaces custom account and location numbers. The GLN Sunrise industry initiative has been underway to move all supply chain members to the GLN standards. See GLN initiative formally Sunrise 2012

Global Trade Item Number (GTIN): Product Identification

Manufacturers are moving toward adopting a standardized product identifier to ensure accuracy of product information at every level of packaging, throughout the supply chain. The 2012 GTIN Sunrise initiative is underway to adopt standardized product identification numbers across the industry by 2012. See GTIN initiative formally Sunrise 2012

Global Data Synchronization Network (GDSN)

The GDSN is an authoritative source of standardized healthcare product information. With this network, all supply chain partners will be able to access identical, up-to-date, reliable product data efficiently. The GDSN plays an integral role in the adoption of GTINs. Healthcare organizations can use the network to create and store product information for faster standardization and better communication across the industry.

Learn about the initiatives currently underway to promote adoption of these standards as well as processes and tools healthcare organizations are preparing to implement to uphold new standards of visibility and communication.

For a complete list of GS1 Standards, see our Standards Library.