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Tools and Resources

Global Trade Item Numbers, GDSN, GTIN Initiative, and FDA UDI

GS1 Healthcare US takes responsibility for supporting the healthcare industry in developing best practices and guidelines for implementing GS1 Standards. Use our comprehensive library of resources to jump-start your organization’s efforts or make more efficient progress.

Healthcare Tool Kits
Use our comprehensive Healthcare Provider and Supplier Tool Kits to help the process of adopting and implementing GS1 Standards go more smoothly—whether you’re just starting out or are partway through the process.

Implementation Resources
Use the comprehensive GS1 Healthcare US library of guidelines and tools to support your standardization efforts and learn more about the impact of standards adoption throughout healthcare.

Case Studies
Read how healthcare organizations are successfully implementing GS1 Standards and take away best practices to achieve the same benefits for your organization.

GS1 US Advisory Services
Can provide a customized support program to fit your needs. With a special
mix of technical and business expertise, we can provide a variety of tailored services to address specific challenges your organization may face in integrating the GS1 System of Standards into your operations.