Retail Grocery Initiative
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The GS1 US Retail Grocery Initiative 

The GS1 US Retail Grocery Initiative is a voluntary,
 collaborative industry effort seeking to address the most important industry challenges where GS1 Standards can have a positive impact. By bringing together industry stakeholders, the initiative is designed to identify the specific business process challenges and potential solutions that would ensure continued progress toward greater efficiencies, enhanced risk management and business growth.

GS1 US Retail Grocery Initiative Workgroups

Initiative members provide functional and technical expertise to address challenges and opportunities in the adoption and implementation of GS1 Standards in collaboration with representatives from every segment of the supply chain and GS1 US business and standards teams. By joining the Initiative, you can participate in one or more of our workgroups to share ideas, learn from peers, and develop implementation tools, resources, educational materials, and best practices in support of the Initiative.

  • Product Information and Images Workgroup 
  • Supply Chain Visibility Workgroup
  • Operational Efficiencies Workgroup
Why Join

  • Provide leadership and expertise to shape the future of the industry
  • Engage with peers and trading partners in a collaborative working environment
  • Share and learn best practices for operational improvements
  • Gain insight into the challenges and opportunities at each “link” along the supply chain
  • Help define solutions for regulatory compliance regarding traceability and food safety
  • Benefit from GS1 US expertise, education, and support service

Get Involved

By joining the initiative, your company will take a leading role in driving widespread and positive change in the grocery industry. 

To learn more, attend our monthly live webinar:

GS1 US Retail Grocery Initiative Webinar – Join Your Peers to Shape the Future!

Collaboration is key to improving business efficiencies from inventory management to product traceability and beyond. Join us for this free monthly webinar:

  • To learn how your peers collaborating in the GS1 US Retail Grocery Initiative are addressing the most important industry challenges based on a common standards-based system to identify, capture and share accurate and timely product information
  • To hear updates on how industry stakeholders are working together in three key areas: product information and images, supply chain visibility and operational efficiencies 
  • To understand what benefits you can gain from getting involved in this industry-wide initiative and what tools and resources are available to get you started


11/07/16 - 2:00pm (ET)
12/05/16 - 2:00pm (ET)  

Who Should Join

Growers, suppliers, manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers, retailers, logistics and technology providers, industry and trade associations, academia.

To join the GS1 US Retail Grocery Initiative, click here.