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GS1 US is proud to include more than 300,000 businesses and more than 25 industries as members. Even though each differs in size, industry, and challenges, they all have the same objective: to leverage the GS1 System of Standards to help innovate, operate more efficiently, and build capabilities that drive their business.

What is membership?
GS1 US is a user-driven membership organization that came together more than 40 years ago with the introduction of the U.P.C. barcode. When your company licenses a GS1 Company Prefix, becomes a GS1 US Solution Partner, or joins a GS1 US Industry Initiative, you become a member.

  • License a GS1 Company Prefix as the first step in creating standardized product identification numbers and U.P.C. barcodes.
  • Become a GS1 US Solution Partner to join a select group of companies that, as GS1 Standards Professionals, can help industry implement GS1 Standards.
  • Join a GS1 US Industry Initiative to help develop solutions to industry challenges through the use of GS1 Standards.

How can membership help you?
As a GS1 US member, you’ll have access to a variety of tools, expertise, and support to help you as your business grows, just like these member examples.


Start selling products in stores and online

See how easy it is for Jane to license her prefix and create barcodes to help get her small business off the ground.

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Improve efficiencies to help you work smarter with your customers

See how David used the Education and Training services available through his GS1 US membership to adapt to the demands of his customer.

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Learn how to use standards to support your business

See how Carmen used her company’s membership to access Education and Training on how to best use GS1 Standards.

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As you can see, whether you’re a business just starting out in your home or a large multi-national corporation, you can choose from a variety of membership benefits and services that meet your needs.

Education and Training
We support you with over 150 resources including:

  • GS1 US Certificate Courses and Classroom Events such as GS1 Fundamentals
  • Live Educational Webinars from basic to advanced
  • Recorded Webinars and Online Learning Modules
  • GS1 Standards Library
  • Tip Sheets and Visual Aids

Tools and Resources

Use our online tools to:

  • Identify and barcode your products at all levels of packaging
  • Verify your barcodes and package measurements
  • Identify your locations and location hierarchies
  • Communicate a product recall
  • Identify product attributes (data and images) for sharing product information with Trading Partners

Use our resources to implement standards for your industry:

  • Industry-specific implementation guidelines and educational material
  • GS1 Standards implementation guidelines and educational material
  • Readiness Programs and Workshops
  • Case studies and whitepapers

Personalized Member Support

  • Our knowledgeable Member Support team is just a phone call or email away.
  • More than 60 solution providers to help you print barcodes, get started with EDI, GDSN, and more.
  • Our Advisory Services team can provide customized implementation services to your company as you integrate GS1 Standards into your business processes.

Community and Collaboration

Use your membership to connect with peers and trading partners in the GS1 US member community through:

  • User groups
  • Workgroups
  • Industry initiatives
  • The Global Standards Management Process
  • The GS1 Connect annual conference

Success starts here. Become a member today.

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