GS1 US Classroom Events

GS1 US classroom events are interactive professional development education sessions designed to help participants gain expertise in the principles and use of GS1 Standards. You can earn “GS1 Standards badges” for completing various GS1 US courses and demonstrate your knowledge and credentials to peers, management and prospective employers.

GS1 Standards Certificate Course

Familiar with or have more than 6-month experience using GS1 Standards? Join us for this course covering the GS1 General Specifications which is the core standards document of the GS1 System. Our team of experts will be available to answer your questions on using the GS1 Standards and provide advice on how to improve supply chain efficiencies, cut costs, and improve relationships with your customers and trading partners.  

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This course will cover:
  • Basics and Principles of the GS1 System
  • Application Identification
  • GS1 Application Identifier (AI) Definitions
  • Application Rules and Management Practices
  • Data Carriers
  • Symbol Placement Guidelines
  • AIDC Validation Rules
  • GS1 Standards Glossary of Terms

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GS1 Fundamentals Certificate Course

Are you new to GS1 Standards or need a refresher? Join us for this one day session to learn the fundamentals of GS1 Identifiers for products and locations. This course will also cover features and usage of GS1 barcodes, Application Identifiers, which allow the barcode to carry additional information in it such as expiration date and batch/lot number, and Serial Shipping Container Codes (SSCC), which are used to identify cases, cartons, and pallets. Discover how to use your licensed GS1 Company Prefix and learn how GS1 Standards can help you identify products, improve business processes, and reduce costs.  

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This course will cover:
  • Basics and Principles of the GS1 System
  • Overview Of The GS1 Company Prefix
  • Identifying Products Using The Global Trade Item Number (GTIN®)
  • Barcode Basics
  • Barcode Advanced
  • Application Identifiers
  • Using the Serial Shipping Container Code

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Package Measurement with GTIN Management Standard Certificate Course

Accurate data is an essential component of a visible, secure, and sustainable supply chain. Industry studies have shown that two-thirds of product information shared between trading partners has data accuracy errors. By attending, you will receive information and guidance on interpreting and applying the GS1 Package Measurement Rules for both consumer and non-consumer trade items, which form the foundation for accuracy of physical dimensional data (i.e., weights and dimensions). You'll also gain an understanding of the GTIN Management Standard, which forms the basis on whether or not a new GTIN needs to be assigned based on changes to an existing product, promotion, or new product introduction. An understanding of the rules is a "must have" for those that manage GTIN assignment to ensure that any scanned barcode can be associated with accurate, up to date, data.  

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This course will cover:
  • Consumer (End-User) Trade Items
  • Non-Consumer Trade Items
  • Applying GTIN Allocation Rules
  • What's new with GTIN Allocation Rules

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GS1 US Data Quality Workshop

In this workshop GS1 US experts will guide you through the GS1 US National Data Quality Program including the necessary steps needed to establish or enhance a data quality program for your organization within a standards-based framework. Topics include guidance for starting a data governance program, an overview of the GS1 US National Data Quality Program, and a review of the pillars of an effective data quality framework. You will hear from industry experts (trading partners) throughout the workshop who will share their experience with the development and implementation of data governance programs within their organizations in preparation for the GS1 US National Data Quality Program.

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This course will cover:
  • Understanding the GS1 US National Data Quality Program
  • Learning the steps to establish a strong Data Governance program within your organization
  • Preparing for Data Quality Certification

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GS1 US Supply Chain Visibility Workshop

Learn how to support operational efficiencies, product traceability, and on-shelf availability with Critical Tracking Events and Key Data Elements while creating a visibility plan for integrating GS1 Standards into your business processes.

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This course will cover:
  • Learning the steps needed to identify, capture and share product information for supply chain visibility to support a variety of business processes
  • Understanding the definitions and uses of Key Data Elements (KDEs) and Critical Tracking Events (CTEs) as they relate to various supply chain roles
  • Gaining a thorough understanding of how GS1 Standards are applied in a process flow and how they support supply chain visibility during a product’s life cycle
  • Diagraming a process flow referencing business documents that support the CTEs, identify the gaps in data and/or paper support, and create a visibility plan

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EDI Essentials Certificate Course

EDI enables the computer-to-computer exchange of business documents between companies using a standard format, regardless of the kind of computer or software each company is using. With EDI, companies can conduct electronic commerce efficiently and accurately. Ensuring that the business application and Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) system are in-sync is key to ensuring a smooth-running operation. This course will help you understand what EDI is and how it relates to your overall company's well-being and trading partner relationships.  

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What you'll learn:
  • Why Use EDI?
  • Basic aspects of the X12 Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)
  • How to implement an EDI program
  • The technology behind EDI (understanding how transaction sets, segments and data elements are structured and the different types of data elements)
  • GS1 Standards in EDI
  • EDI supported business processes
  • Helpful EDI tools (how to read a code list and implementation guide)

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  • Guidelines for using GS1 US certificate logos
  • GS1 US certificate policies for Solution Partners
  • GS1 US certificate policies for Members
  • GS1 US Badge Program - Your GS1 Standards Credentials

    When you successfully complete a GS1 US certificate course, you can earn an important credential in the use of GS1 Standards—and now you can add this new skill to your online resume with a GS1 US Badge and share it via social media.

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