GS1 Fundamentals Certificate Course

Course Summary

Are you new to GS1 Standards or need a refresher? Join us for this one day session to learn the fundamentals of GS1 Identifiers for products and locations. This course will also cover features and usage of GS1 barcodes, Application Identifiers, which allow the barcode to carry additional information in it such as expiration date and batch/lot number, and Serial Shipping Container Codes (SSCC), which are used to identify cases, cartons, and pallets.

Discover how to use your licensed GS1 Company Prefix and learn how GS1 Standards can help you identify products, improve business processes, and reduce costs.

This Course will Cover
  • Overview Of The GS1 Company Prefix
  • Identifying Products Using The Global Trade Item Number (GTIN®)
  • Barcode Basics
  • Barcode Advanced
  • Application Identifiers
  • Using the Serial Shipping Container Code

Course Benefits

  • Provides the foundational understanding of the GS1 System of Standards
  • How to identify products and locations using the GS1 Standards
  • Understanding the most common barcodes and their uses


Who Should Attend

Those new to GS1 Standards, those that have been working with GS1 Standards and would like a refresher, or those that manage GTINs for their company.



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