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Call for GS1 Connect 2017 Community Avisory Board Members
Call for GS1 Connect 2017 Presentations (For end-users of GS1 Standards)    
Call for GS1 Connect 2017 Tech Track Presentations (For Solution Providers)
Call for Trading Partner Roundtable Hosts
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GS1 Connect Community Advisory Board

GS1 Connect® continues its tradition of delivering a conference planned and developed by the GS1 GS1 US Community Advisory Board to provide a fresh and relevant perspective on industry needs for education on GS1 Standards and industry best practices. Industry representatives from each of our member communities serve on our Community Advisory Board (CAB) and help us address the supply and demand chain concerns facing today’s trading partners to make sure our conference programming is meeting the needs of our audience. 

If you are a retailer, manufacturer, distributor, group purchasing organization, foodservice operator, or healthcare provider using GS1 Standards, we need you! To learn more about getting involved with the Community Advisory Board,

Call for GS1 Connect 2017 Presentations

GS1 US is now accepting applications from industry leaders interested in presenting at the annual GS1 Connect 2017 conference. We are looking for end-users who have a story to tell on topics related to the successful implementation of GS1 Standards to solve a business process challenge in at least one of the following areas: product and location identification, data quality and management, e-commerce, traceability and safety, inventory management, and product information/content acquisition. Industry tracks include Retail, Healthcare, Foodservice and Grocery—as well as a Standards and Solutions track.

Applications to present at GS1 Connect 2017 should be submitted using the online form and received by December 16, 2016.

Call for GS1 Connect 2017 Tech Track Presentations

GS1 Connect Tech Track

An important part of the conference program will be the 20-minute sessions offered in the Standardsville Exhibit Area’s Tech Theater during exhibit hours. These sessions, considered part of the “Tech Track,” are a way for selected companies to offer attendees the opportunity to learn what solutions are available to help identify, capture, and share information accurately about products, business locations, and more.

If your company is interested in sharing a perspective and/or technology solution that offers insights that address supply chain challenges at GS1 Connect 2017, please contact us at

Call for Trading Partner Roundtables Hosts

Trading Partner Roundtables offer trading partners the opportunity to meet in informal settings to discuss best practices and business processes that will help drive efficiency in their mutual supply chain. These Roundtables are offered during lunches and receptions held during the conference.

Your company qualifies for consideration if it:

1. Recognizes the value of having a trading partner community that is versed in proper application of GS1 Standards 
2. Is willing to invite your trading partners to come to the GS1 Connect conference
3. Has staff that will support the roundtable schedules

To learn more about becoming a roundtable host, or to suggest a host, please email

Become a GS1 Connect 2017 Exhibitor or Sponsor

If you are interested in becoming an exhibitor or sponsor at the GS1 Connect 2017 Conference please submit your interest to: