GS1 Connect 2016 Highlights

GS1 Connect® 2016 brought together a diverse group of thought leaders, industries, GS1 Standards experts, and trading partners. In all, over 1,300 attendees and participants came to our nation’s capital to learn best practices, get updates on industry trends, and gain actionable knowledge to help unlock the power of standards

Walking through the enhanced Standardsville Exhibit Area, conference participants engaged with informative exhibits and interactive displays that brought GS1 Standards to life. The Standardsville Exhibit Area was also the focal point for attendees to meet with peers and GS1 US experts in the Foodservice, Grocery, Retail, and Healthcare Industry Zones. Read more about GS1 Connect 2016 below.

Welcome to standardsville

 GS1 Connect 2016 officially kicked off with a video about the fictional town called Standardsville. GS1 US® uses the town and its residents to show how standards improve life for both businesses and consumers. Watch and you may recognize a familiar face at the end of the video.

 The move toward customer- and patient-centricity brings both challenges and opportunities for business reinvention. In the keynote session “Transforming Business to Exceed Consumer Expectations,” GS1 US® President and CEO, Bob Carpenter, set the stage for the conversation with opening remarks.

 He then led a panel of executive thought leaders in a discussion of what it takes to adapt entire supply chains and e-commerce operations to meet the demands of today’s consumers. The keynote panel included:
  • Linda Dillman, Chief Information Officer, QVC
  • John W. Inwright, President, Wendy’s Quality Supply Chain Co-op, Inc. (QSCC)
  • Katherine Ross, Vice President, Customer & Logistics Services, Johnson & Johnson Supply Chain and President, Johnson & Johnson Health Care Systems, Inc.

GS1 Connect Keynote session

 "Business Process Transformation: The Big Ideas That Are Changing Everything"

Daniel Burrus
Futurist and Fortune 500 Advisor on Global Innovation

Considered by The New York Times as one of the top three business gurus, GS1 Connect keynote speaker Daniel Burrus spoke to the audience about game-changing trends that could directly impact their businesses.

How to do business with

 The 16 How to Do Business With Sessions gave suppliers the opportunity to learn about business process requirements and initiative updates directly from their customers.


Grocery Conference Retail Conference Foodservice Conference Healthcare Conference
GS1 Standards and Solutions Conference GS1 US University

Trading Partner Roundtables 

 Forty roundtable sessions gave trading partners the opportunity to meet face to face. These informal sessions enabled them to discuss best practices and business processes that will help drive efficiencies in their supply chains.

networking event: GS1 CONNECT at the Newseum

 GS1 Connect attendees took an evening from a busy conference schedule to participate in a truly memorable experience: the GS1 Connect networking event at the Newseum. Attendees enjoyed live band performances, dazzling interactive displays, amazing galleries, and a little fun at this seven-level, state-of-the-art, interactive center. The crowd shared stories and networked while savoring an incredible rooftop terrace view of the U.S. Capitol.


 GS1 US would like to thank the organizations that exhibited at GS1 Connect 2016. Your participation helped our attendees discover solutions to unlock the power of GS1 Standards and move their businesses forward.


Arranged like a small town, the Standardsville Exhibit Area at GS1 Connect had exhibitor booths along “streets” with GS1 US Industry Zones as the town center. Walking through, attendees saw the power of standards come to life through interactive displays and opportunities for 1:1 sessions with GS1 US and industry experts. It was also the place for Trading Partner Roundtables, the Tech Theater, Standards and Solutions Track sessions, and GS1 US Member Support Services. Special exhibits in the Standardsville Exhibit Area this year included

  • Coca-Cola® Experience Zone 
  • Farm-to-Fork Traceability Sweepstakes 
  • The GS1 Standards Enabled Healthcare Supply Chain
  • GS1 US Data Hub Demo Zone 
  • GS1 US Mobile Scan Demo Zone


 Staffed by technical experts from certified data pools and solution providers, this hands-on Support Center served as the headquarters for real-time resolution of questions during the first week of the Global Data Synchronization Network™ (GDSN®) migration to the new release.
Attendees were able to get immediate assistance with:
  • Resolving data processing issues
  • Synchronization error handling
  • And other GDSN account glitches between trading partners