Barcode Verification Services

If you have created barcodes with GS1 US, you want to ensure that they scan the first time, every time. GS1 US tests determine if your barcodes comply with GS1 Standards, and check each barcode symbol on a variety of point-of-sale scanners. GS1 US will only verify barcodes that encode numbers created with a valid Company Prefix that has been issued by GS1 US, GS1 Global Office or another GS1 Member Organization, but not from any other source.

GS1 US tests the barcode for compliance to the GS1 Standards through a verification process and the GS1 General Specifications. This for fee testing assesses size, color, print quality, and quiet zones. GS1 US also assesses barcode height, location/placement of the barcode, and the correct calculation of the check digit. To verify your product barcodes with GS1 US, please submit:

  • The retail item in its final form, or
  • For non-retail items
  • Shrink-wrapped trays (submit trays with the individual items packed inside)
  • Display boxes (can be sent flattened for a complete assessment)
  • Inner-packs and outer cartons (whole cartons can be sent flattened for a complete assessment)

To order barcode verification reports, please visit the GS1 US Store.

Please note:

  • A barcoded piece/panel of an irregular shaped consumer unit (e.g., cylindrical item) that has been removed from the consumer unit cannot be assessed as a complete sample.
  • Barcode testing can be done on laser prints, bromides, mock-ups and proofs, but all artwork samples are issued with an interim report only. This assessment is beneficial to check the barcode size and quiet zones (light margins). However, all other assessments can only be carried out on final samples. It is strongly recommended that items in their final form are submitted to obtain a complete verification report.
  • Heavy or bulky items should not be submitted for testing. This includes items weighing over 25 pounds or very large items that are awkward to handle. Empty, flat packaging can be submitted for verification in these cases.

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Mock-ups and proofs of coupons utilizing the GS1 Coupon Code, the GS1-128 Coupon Extended Code, or the GS1 DataBar Expanded Symbols can be verified to ensure the data encoded within the coupon meets the requirements specified in the U.S. Application Standard for Coupons and the North American Application Guideline Using GS1 DataBar™ Expanded Symbols. Along with the Print Quality Verification report, the Coupon Verification report will be graded on a Pass/Fail basis on the encodation of each element of a coupon.