GS1 US Advisory Services 

Customized implementation support with the right mix of technical and business
expertise to help you address the specific challenges you may face in integrating GS1 Standards into your operations

“GS1 US conducted a training session at SCA’s corporate office bringing together staff from a variety of internal functions. Topics included GS1 Standards, GDSN activities and data quality. GS1 US introduced concepts and reinforced business process ideas that resonated well with our staff. We look forward to more opportunities to increase our knowledge and expertise utilizing their Advisory Services team.”

Debbie Morris
SCA Americas Inc.

Fully leveraging GS1 Standards to optimize your supply chain takes not only a keen understanding of GS1 Standards, but also a deep knowledge of industry best practices for applying those standards to specific business processes. This is where the consultative approach of GS1 US Advisory Services can help. Our objective is to work with industry trading partners to help them bridge the gap between their existing supply chain processes and today’s industry-approved best practices and standards-based solutions—enabling them to achieve greater supply chain efficiencies.

Customized Solutions with Industry-Specific Expertise
Whether you are in apparel, consumer packaged goods, general merchandise, grocery, foodservice, fresh foods, hardlines, healthcare, or retail, we offer a unique mix of technical and business expertise to address specific challenges your organization may face in integrating GS1 Standards into your operations.

What types of business issues can be addressed with GS1 US Advisory Services?
GS1 Standards can help improve a variety of business processes, from inventory management to logistics optimization, from data synchronization to omni-channel fulfillment and beyond.

  • Need help to assess how you can improve your data quality? 
  • Interested in customized training for your organization?
  • Want to expedite the implementation or deployment of GS1 Standards into your business processes? 
  • Need help in preparing for regulatory requirements?
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Apparel/General Merchandise/Hardlines

A team of impartial apparel, general merchandise and hardlines retail industry specialists provide all key stakeholders—retailers, marketplaces, suppliers, brand owners, manufacturers and solution providers—with the perfect combination of innovation, experience and know-how to help them achieve their go-to-market omni-channel objectives. GS1 US can create an implementation program specific to your organization’s deployment plan including, but not limited to:
  • Development of effective supplier on-boarding processes that require integration of GS1 Standards
  • EPC-enabled RFID Solutions - On-site readiness assessments, targeted pilot and/or implementation planning and support, as well as in-person training presentations for your staff and trading partners
  • Supply Chain Automation Support – Warehouse assessments, EDI automation gap analysis, automated receiving and distribution process improvements (e.g., the creation and use of the Advanced Ship Notice (ASN) and the GS1-128 label)
  • Image and/or Attribute Standards Assessment /Audit Services – Evaluation and documentation of current systems and processes, assessment compliance with established GS1 Standards, industry guidelines and trading partner requirements, gap analysis delivery, as well as formulation of a recommended implementation plan
To learn more, contact us at or visit the Retail Advisory Services
web page

Foodservice/Retail Grocery

  • Business process mapping to help your organization maximize benefits that can be gained from use of GS1 Standards 
  • Data governance assessment, data quality guidance and training via the GS1 US National Data Quality Program
  • Traceability solutions for improved supply chain visibility and food safety

To learn more, contact us at or visit the Foodservice and Retail Grocery Advisory Services web page.



  • Organizational readiness assessment and implementation guidance for helping to meet key regulatory requirements (e.g. The U.S. FDA Unique Device identification (UDI) for healthcare suppliers and providers)
To learn more, contact us at or visit the Healthcare Advisory Services web page

Cross-Industry Consultation

  • Data quality solutions for improved operational efficiencies – Learn more 
  • Merger and Acquisition Support (GS1 US Prefix consolidation and Global Location Number (GLN) cleansing with a focus towards product data management)
  • Tailored GS1 Standards’ training programs to suit your organization’s needs 
      • Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) implementation best practices 
      • GS1 Standards Fundamentals
      • Global Trade Item Number® (GTIN®) Allocation Rules
      • Package Measurement Rules 
      • Global Data Synchronization Network™ (GDSN®)
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How does it work?
You tell us the challenges your organization is facing with integrating GS1 Standards into your operations and we assemble the right team and a set of assessment/educational materials to:
  • Develop a targeted plan of action to address your specific organizational challenges
  • Provide a customized training plan for your team—based on your needs and at a location convenient for you
  • Based on a Statement of Work, GS1 US will provide the advisory services as agreed to by both parties

Additional Resources
  • Barcode Verification Services - Verify your product barcodes (to ensure that they scan the first time) with GS1 US. Our tests determine if your barcodes comply with GS1 Standards, and check each barcode symbol on a variety of point-of-sale scanners.
  • Product Measurement Services - These services are designed to support your data accuracy program. Accurate data is an essential component of a visible, secure, and sustainable value chain; GS1 US offers products and services to help you ensure that your GDSN dimensional data is precise and GS1 Standards-compliant. 
  • GS1 US University - On-demand educational videos, training modules, webinars, classroom learning, certificate courses and workshops