GS1 Solution Provider Finder

Looking for a Scanner, Printer, Track and Trace Software, Consultants or other products and services to help you implement a GS1 Standard? Reduce your risk and work with a Solution Provider who is involved with GS1 US.


This tool also identifies the GS1 US Solution Partners by the logo displayed with their name.
These are qualified Solution Providers who have partnered with GS1 US to support the adoption,
enablement and implementation of GS1 Standards.

To begin your search, use one of our preset searches below:

Alphabetical ListingAll GS1 US Solution Providers listed in alphabetical order.
Name of CompanySearch for a Solution Provider by name.
Barcode Services:
    Make a Barcode
Find a provider who will create your barcodes.
    Print a Barcode
Find a provider who will print your barcodes.
    Verify a Barcode
Find a provider who will verify your barcodes.
All ServicesSearch for services from Data Quality and DataBar Support to EDI and UDI Support.
Look for providers who work with industries from Apparel and General Merchandise to Retail Grocery, Foodservice and Healthcare.
Find suppliers of printers, scanners, verifiers and other hardware.
SoftwareLearn about systems built to support Data Quality, EDI Processing, Inventory Management, Track and Trace and many other business needs.
CouponsFind a provider to help you with coupons.
Package MeasurementFind a provider to help you with package measurement.
UNSPSCFind UNSPSC Solution Resource Members.


The following list is provided by GS1 US as a convenience and does not constitute or imply an endorsement, recommendation, or favoring by GS1 US of any of the identified companies, products, or services. GS1 US does not warrant or guarantee any of the products or services identified here, nor does it assume any legal liability or responsibility with respect to them.