The GS1 US Coupon Standards

Powering Couponing Efficiencies for more than 30 Years 

Whether paper-based or paperless, GS1 Standards have been helping the retail industry to consistently and quickly redeem coupons—delivering an auditable financial trail and an improved user experience. 

Using the standards-based North American Coupon Code brands and retailers can ensure coupons are used for their intended merchandise—reducing coupon mis-redemption for lower priced/same brand items as well as fraud.

  • Brand owners can safeguard their premium-priced items, while driving high-value merchandise campaigns. The GS1 Company Prefix enables them to distinctly classify a specific brand to ensure those coupons are not used for lower priced/same brand items. 
  • Retailers can deliver a seamless consumer checkout experience—processing coupons at checkout while ensuring those coupons are not mis-redeemed. 

Paper-based and Paperless Coupon Standards

In 2007, GS1 US collaborated with retail trading partners and industry associations to create the North American Coupon Code Guideline. This cross-industry group chose the GS1 DataBar Expanded Stacked to meet their needs for a higher-capacity barcode.

In 2016, GS1 US and Joint Industry Coupon Committee collaborated to deliver a digital couponing standard – Application Identifier (AI) 8112. The new AI enables manufacturers and retailers to accept digital coupons with increased traceability at checkout.

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