In-Store, Online, or Both, with GS1 Standards, It’s Just Commerce®

GS1 Standards Drive Commerce—No Matter Where the Final Transaction Occurs

Today’s consumers don’t shop online or in a store, they just shop. With click and collect, online shopping, social marketing, and traditional in-store brand experience immersion, the lines between the real and the virtual world are increasingly blurred.

A variety of names have evolved to describe these new types of sales channels including, but not limited to: omni-channel, cross-channel, and multi-channel. There is also an ever increasing list of names being given to “different” kinds of commerce including e-commerce, f-commerce (Facebook), i-commerce (Internet), and m-commerce (mobile).

Across channels, platforms, and devices, the GS1 System of Standards enable companies to speak the same language, connect with one another other, and move their business forward to support any type of commerce via any sales channel, platform, or device. Organizations are leveraging GS1 Standards to focus their efforts on optimizing their consumers’ shopping experience and their brand’s value propositions, so that for them—It’s Just Commerce®:

  • Create and Deliver Reliable, Accurate Product Information
  • Better Search Experience - Make Product Information Search-Engine-Friendly
  • Greater Inventory Visibility - Better Match Inventory with Customer Demand
  • Reduce Confusion from Counterfeit Products
  • Smarter Analytics - Understand Your Customers

Accurate Product Data is Essential
Product information must be accurate, consistent and persistent throughout the consumer’s experience regardless of where the final transaction occurs.

Retailers and brand owners must find new ways to differentiate themselves and their products with tech-savvy consumers by delivering trusted, accurate product data. Apps that display local search results, social media sites linking products to comments and reviews, and barcode scanning apps all need a way to ensure that their digital product data is authentic, accurate and matches the real product.

Shoppers use Mobile to Buy More
To adapt, retail trading partners are evolving, growing and changing. ABI Research estimates that consumers will spend $119B in 2015 using mobile devices. As digital product data influences thirty six cents of every dollar in U.S. retail stores, whether you have a physical location, sell online, or both, sharing product content is NOW your business.

Mobile Marketing is Imperative
Google Marketing Advisory Council reported, “in-store shoppers are looking for product information and they’re turning to their mobile devices to find it. Self-help is becoming the new norm. 1 in 3 shoppers use their smartphones to find product information.”

With GS1 US, It’s Just Commerce
Regardless of channel or medium, GS1 US knows that trusted product content helps drive a trusted discovery and purchase experience.

Beyond the sale – reliable and accurate product information allows you to grow your business in other ways including reducing operational costs, leveraging consumer insights, and growing sales.

GS1 Standards help you give your consumers the dependable and seamless commerce experience they demand.

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