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GS1 Standards Enable Better Searching

For online products, the value of a search engine is like a display shelf in a physical store. How items are presented on that shelf influence, if and how, consumers see a product. When a search is poorly optimized, products have poor “digital shelf” positioning, which makes them more difficult to find, select and/or purchase. Additionally, a misrepresentation of product data could also result in a lost sale; e.g., “Teddy” vs. “teddy bear” could create a misleading search result and make a shopper frustrated.

At GS1 US, we know that trusted product content is critical to driving customer experience and buying decisions. We also know that inefficiencies are created when many different retailers require their suppliers to use proprietary methods to list products for sale. To ensure that products are discoverable and accurately represented across all channels, we are working with industry partners to establish a shared standard for communicating trusted fundamental product attributes between brand owners, trading partners, and retailers in order to ensure products are discoverable and accurately represented across all channels. The GS1 US Simple Product Listing™ (SPL) Standard is a common, search-friendly language that web and mobile applications can easily understand. Trading partners can use this language to gain efficiencies without losing the ability to create unique consumer experiences with their existing internal systems.

Regardless of channel, product information now influences an overwhelming majority of all shopping decisions. Yet, as physical audits (through GS1 US data quality pilots) show, overall data accuracy hovers around 50 percent. In the age of e-commerce, accurate data enables you and your supply chain to deliver the right product, to the right place, at the right time. To respond to increasing consumer and trading partner demands for complete, accurate, and timely product information, GS1 US developed the GS1 US National Data Quality Program.

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