Provide Improved Product Information

GS1 Standards Create a Consistent Model for the Definition and Exchange of Attributes

Consumers use product information and images to help them make informed purchasing decisions. Trusted, accurate, complete and standardized product attributes are indispensable to influencing the consumer’s buying decisions; in fact, a recent Google Shopper Marketing Council report found that a lack of detailed product information and imagery reduces the confidence consumers need to complete a sale.

The exponential growth of e-commerce and the consumer’s desire for a seamless shopping experience have further complicated attribute management to new levels. Successful trading partner collaboration requires accurate product data. Supply chain members need a single product data resource; one that is easy-to-use and provides access to a consistent, clear, and dependable set of product attribute information. When it comes to product attribute data definition and use, end-users do not want to “re-invent” the wheel; they want to be able to use one tool to easily search, find and access a set of standardized industry attributes.

Using the GS1 US System of Standards—across brick-and-mortar and e-commerce channels—helps trading partners identify, capture and share accurate product data attributes and images. Further, assigning a unique GS1 Global Trade Item Number® (GTIN®) to every product, helps retailers, marketplaces, and brands offer consumers a consistent search, discovery, and purchase experience. Finally, using Electronic Product Code (EPC®)-enabled item level Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology enables retail trading partners to deliver delivers true inventory visibility from source-to-store—enabling 95% tracking accuracy* for every piece of merchandise, in every retail stock location. With this level of inventory intelligence retailers and brands can respond quickly to optimize inventory location to maximize sales and provide the best consumer shopping experience.

* Auburn University RFID Lab Studies

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