Accurate Product Identification

To deliver a truly seamless customer experience across all channels, your product must be easily searchable, described by trusted information, listed using standardized categories, and tracked across the supply chain.

Using the GS1 System of Standards—across brick-and-mortar and e-commerce channels—helps you and your trading partners identify, capture and share accurate product data attributes and images. At GS1 US, we know it all starts with accurate product identification that is simple, standardized, and globally applicable.

GS1 Accurate Product Identification enables you to:

  • Assign universal, global identification numbers to identify products and locations across the supply chain
  • Validate the numbers before listing a product for sale
  • Include the numbers in web pages and mobile applications, using product mark-up language

The GS1 Global Trade Item Number® (GTIN®) is used to accurately identify products globally. The GTIN is an essential component of data validation. It is the key to accurate / authentic product data; it helps align the product’s physical with the digital “shelf” data and streamlines the sharing of said data with retail / e-tail partners. Further, assigning a GS1 GTIN to every product, helps retailers, marketplaces, and brands offer consumers a consistent search, discovery, and purchase experience.

Learn How GS1 Standards Create a Consistent Model
for the Definition and Exchange of Attributes