GS1 US Standards Turn Big Data into Smarter Analytics

Knowing your customer is the best path to giving them exactly what they want. The ability to leverage their digital activity data—e.g., tracking their shopping patterns or customer loyalty programs—can help you determine future purchase habits and potentially give you an advantage in the marketplace. But having access to that data is not enough. In fact, most companies can’t effectively use the data they capture. Analytics depend on quality data and product attributes being accurate, complete, and up-to-date. Many businesses simply don't have the collaboration and information sharing architecture in place to move forward.

GS1 Standards can help businesses:

  • Leverage their existing investments in sharing Quality Data and then extend their accurate, consistent product information to their e-commerce channel to enable better analytics
  • Better identify, capture, and share attributed customer and supply chain data to help determine the path-to-purchase, replenishment planning and trading partner performance
  • Understand their customers to create individualized personal shopping experiences (based on the information they provide via their online profiles

This combination of accurate / trusted product information generates smarter demand forecasting, more personalized consumer shopping experiences, and greater insights into the needs and behaviors of your consumers—identifying opportunities to satisfy, even upsell the customer.

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