GS1 Standards, the It’s Just Commerce Experience

Consumers Have Changed the Way They Shop—Are You Ready?

This video demonstrates how using the GS1 System of Standards integrates in-store, online, and mobile shopping across all channels, helping time-starved consumers find your products on an expanding web of data—delivering accurate/relevant results to drive impressions, conversions and sales:

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Hyper-connectivity is driving the consumer shopping experience. With the explosive growth in mobile technologies and barcode scanning applications, brand owners are seeking ways to provide consumers with the accurate product information they need to make an educated purchase decision.

Inaccurate or incomplete product information negatively impacts sales and a brand’s reputation—the key to achieving trusted data quality is the widespread use of globally-unique identification. Across channels, platforms, and devices, the GS1 System of Standards enable companies to speak the same language, connect with one another other, and move their business forward to support any type of commerce via any sales channel, platform, or device. Organizations are leveraging GS1 Standards to focus their efforts on optimizing their consumers’ shopping experience and their brand’s value propositions, so that for them—It’s Just Commerce™:

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